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Neutec/Rio Grande Casting Machines and Laser Welders

Neutec GrainPro Grain-Making Machine

Neutec 615 Casting Machine

Neutec 610 Casting Machine

Neutec J-zP Autocast Casting Machine with Water-Cooler Stand

Neutec Quenching Station and Wet Blast Devesting Cabinet

Neutec Dry-Media Air Separator

Neutec Wet-Media Flow Separator

Neutec J-2R Casting Machine CE-Certified

PulsePoint Studio Plus 125 Laser Welder

Neutec PulsePoint Plus 130 Laser Welder

PulsePoint Studio Plus 100 Laser Welder

PulsePoint Studio Plus 60 Laser Welder

Neutec and Rio Grande, some things are just better together.

Neutec/Rio Grande™ is a world leader in the manufacture of lost-wax jewelry casting equipment (grain-making and casting machines), laser-welding machines, as well as the accessories and supplies that support them. We understand that for both one-of-a-kind designer shops and high-volume production facilities, achieving high quality involves a unique set of challenges. Resolving these challenges quickly and getting it right are crucial to your success. Whether you cast hundreds of flasks a week or just a few, it's the quality of each cast that counts.